Accredited Fire Extinguisher Training

An Accredited training is a training that is provided by a government approved institution. Usually a TAFE or an approved training provider.

The course name of a Nationally Accredited Fire Extinghuisher Training is CPPFES2005A – Demonstrate First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment. The course usually can be conducted on the training providers site and also on the business premises.

Is there any pre-requisites to this training?

No. The course is aimed for anyone who may be required to use any portable fire extinguisher equipment, fire hose reel and fire blanket.

As this is a recognised training, you will need to have a USI. You can easily create a USI online

How long is the course?

The course will be approximately 3 hours for theory and practical.

Where is the training location? Can it be on premise?

Demonstrate First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment can be conducted on your business premise.

Usually maximum participant is 15 per group. This is limited due to effectiveness of training in small group.

 What will you learn on this course?

You will learn theory and practical application operating first attack firefighting equipment in emergency situation.

This will include:

  1. Understanding fire triangle
  1. Understanding and identifying classes of fire
  1. Understanding types of Extinguishing agents
  1. Understanding  the regulation for maintenance and service of fire fighting equipment
  1. How to safely use fire extinguisher
  1. How to safely use fire blankets
  1. How to safely fire hose reels
  1. Hand on training using BullEx Intelligent Training System

This training is usually combined with a recognised Fire Warden Training  which is called

PUAWER005B – Operate as part of an emergency control organisation (Warden Training).


Creating Evacuation Diagrams

I was searching the web to create an evacuation diagram for a friend’s house and a business store. I heard that it is compulsory to have an evacuation diagram on your business premises and would like to find out if that is the case.

After some research it seems that you can actually create your own evacuation diagrams. But you do  need to follow some rules that was set in AS 3745-2010.

I found this website

The company is Perth based and offers evacuation diagrams creation at a competitive price.

They can also create evacuation diagrams online without having to physically visit the business premise. I believe this will reduce cost for small and medium sized business by not having to hire safety consultant to physically come and create the evacuation diagram.